Perfume is a gift to the soul

Perfume elicits a feeling of luxury and beauty. You deserve that feeling every day.

Smell is our most evocative sense, the first we experience as babies. Your scent memories form a landscape unique to you. Remember the flowers on a summer breeze the night of your first kiss, your favourite holiday? Your happiest memories, personal tastes and individual style will inspire and inform your scent creation

Embark on the ultimate voyage of self-discovery. Enjoy a chance to be yourself and remember what it is you love. Experience the excitement as a fragrance is made just for you. Your sacred scent will whisper your name to the world. Express your authentic style and personality!

Pearl Perfumery has been creating customised fragrances since 2007. These individually crafted oil-based scents use the highest quality aromatic ingredients, including high concentrations of essential oils.